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You can only expect good things to happen once you dramatically change your outlook on life. Initially, it may sound a little pseudo-inspirational, but I stand by it because I have seen the effects and outcomes of purposely changing the way I decided to live in this world: they have made life much more fulfilling to experience.

This is why I decided to drastically change my outlook on life:

Life is short and temporary

Last year, my younger brother died; a sibling four years younger than you is the last person you would expect to pass away first; but he did, in my case. Ever since then, I prioritize appreciating what I have: genuine relationships, my beautiful children, irreplaceable wife, financial security, and the ability to be alive, rather than feel inclined to focus on the things I did not possess, like additional money or nicer material items. I try to savor every moment now, experience my life rather than watch it through a screen, and embrace the present rather than constantly dream of the future.

I knew I could be so much happier than I was

In the past, I used to only settle for what was “good enough” in every area of my life rather than the things, relationships, and experiences I actually wanted and deserved. I knew it was due to the fact that I didn’t think much of myself then – but I’m different now: I know I am, and always will be, a person worthy of love, joy, and life. By breaking out of my comfort zone and refusing to make any more excuses that prevent me from accomplishing goals, I learned that taking action is the only way we can make ourselves happy and satisfied – otherwise, nothing happens or changes. It’s always easier to complain about what we want to change, rather than make an effort to do anything about it. Believe me when I say that you should always keep fighting and working towards what fulfills you. There is a never a designated time to start manifesting your dreams; rather, every second that ticks by is a perfect starting line.

There are values and lessons to be learned from all our experiences

Throughout life, I came to realize that when difficult circumstances are overcome, we understand a little bit more of both the world and our character. In addition, we develop the emotional resilience to keep moving forward and rolling with whatever punches life throws at us. Resilience enables us to constantly handle adversities with grace and strength, rather than fear, and enables us to cultivate a more authentic and stronger identity.

My mindset and attitude will always directly affect my actions

Your mindset is the ultimate catalyst for either success or failure, happiness or sadness, and fulfillment or dissatisfaction. Once I was able to see that through trial and error, I make sure that every action I take now matters and positively contributes to the bigger picture. I also invest more time into staying conscious of the choices I make in the present moment since they set the foundation for that type of future I will live. For example, an incredible decision I made was to enroll in family therapy with my wife and children; one of my priorities in life is to be the best father possible, and I thought that specifically taking time to discuss the dynamics or concerns my family had would strengthen our relationship with one another and enable my wife and I to become better and more understanding parents to our children.

Rather than continue to stay self-absorbed, I would become more empathetic and compassionate

Because we have busy lives with endless to-do lists and obligations, we have a tendency to understandably and solely focus on ourselves and forget the world and other people around us. But when we stop directing all our focus inwards, we break free from our egotistical and self-absorbed mindset of tunnel vision. It’s important to always remember every now again that we aren’t the only people living in this world and experiencing it; doing so makes us more empathetic to the adversities of others, and keeps us compassionate and kind, rather than assumptive or judgmental.

The most important lesson that can be taken away from drastically changing one’s outlook on life is that nothing is ever going to be perfect: the choices we make, experiences we have, or reactions – but that’s okay. Despite the fact, our lives will significantly improve the moment we choose to value it and truly become aware of the impacts of our thoughts and actions. My life isn’t exactly what I want to be yet, but I believe that working towards making it the best it can be is what truly matters the most, and I hope you are able to do the same for yourself.

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