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It’s February and I have quite  few things to celebrate about!  First of all, this was a huge surprise but I am now getting my head around it, Baby no.3 and final is due July 10th, in 2 weeks I will have an ultrasound to find out what he/she/minion might be!

I have partnered with quite a few companies this month and will be bringing you all lots more fun giveaways!

I am a little obsessed with this video right now, have you seen it?  I loved Saved by the Bell (Zac is still hot!) and I’ve watched this twice now.

tumblr_inline_mt9xyrq38k1r11ujwI recently just got finished watching Orange is the new Black on Netflix, it’s awesome and the end of the last season was even more awesome, I can’t wait until the next season!

Well that is about as exciting as it gets around here right now, how about you? Any exciting news? What’s on your TV this month?

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