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Dreambaby® Royal Converta 3 in 1 Play Yard and Wide Barrier Gate Review and Giveaway!

My first every baby gate was for Dylan when he turned 2, it was a lifesaver (sleepsaver) and worked it’s magic until this day, it was also a basic gate and we mainly got it to keep him in his room when we converted him to a toddler bed because no matter what we did, he wouldn’t stay put, after I got the gate he learned quickly!


I was excited to learn about the Dreambaby® Royal Converta 3 in 1 Play Yard and Wide Barrier Gate, it works as a smart, versatile and amazing play pen and can be used in so many different ways.

Set up was easy and there was an hex key included to lock the pieces together, it took my husband all of 5 minutes to set up (He is a bit of a handy man so it may take around 10 minutes for others).

The gate includes 6 easy to adjust panels and can be used to guard a fireplace or kitchen, fitted to guard a bedroom which I will be doing when Sophia gets moved to a toddler bed and you can also put the whole gate together so it forms a hexagon, it’s also easy to change into another shape which is great for smaller spaces.

IMG_2451One thing I love about the gate is that it can keep my baby inside it so she isn’t wandering all over the house, she has just started dragging herself along the ground (almost crawling) and tends to pick all kinds of objects up off the floor, my house is usually messy, I clean it at night, I don’t have the time or patience to constantly pick up after kids and I am teaching my son to clean up after himself.

Usually what you would see is a whole lot of toys on the floor, including baby toys and I love that I can keep them enclosed so they don’t get thrown all over the floor and makes cleaning up an even bigger pain.

IMG_2310The gate is constructed from durable, sturdy metal and I don’t think think it’s even possible to break anything even if you try.  To open the gate there is any easy switch, it’s not hard for an adult to push open, but safe enough so baby can’t open it themselves. All of the panels have attachments that connect to one another securely, there aren’t any tools or screws required which makes it easy to store away or use for travelling.

IMG_2307The gate is 3.7m wide and 74cm tall which makes it large enough for your child or baby to play in and move around as they please without feeling constricted.

As soon as the gate was up, Dylan was the first one to check it out and pretended to go to sleep.  Then he invited the dog..

IMG_2332As you can see this Play Gate has multiple uses (It’s not specifically made for a dog but great idea!).  One thing I would like to add is that if you have wooden floors and you are using the gate as a playpen, put a rubber mat or rug down so it doesn’t slide around, Sophia has just started pulling herself up to a standing position (as you can see from the top image) so we will be adding a rug to go underneath!

123If you want to see how many different ways this gate can work, Click the image to the left for a larger picture.

Overall I could not be happier, I am so impressed with this gate, how sturdy and how useful it is.

I will be mainly be using the Dreambaby® Royal Converta 3 in 1 Play Yard and Wide Barrier Gate as a playpen because the size is absolutely perfect and I can store all of Sophia’s toys inside it.

When Dylan was younger he had a pack n play too, a really fun one which he didn’t like and I am guessing it is because he could barely see out of it, I love how open this gate is too, it’s just super convenient and eveything is so easy to install, move store and use.

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