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When planning a vacation, what is the first thing you do? I know most people turn to Google or some type of vacation planning website looking for reviews, maps, trails and hotels.  One of the many things people do to plan a vacation is search a specific hashtag on social media. A lot of times I will see a video or ad on social media that shows a specific destination and I am just like, wow, I want to go there!

According to Alamo Rent A Car’s 2018 Family Vacation Survey, 39 percent of families admit photos they’ve seen on social media have influenced their vacation plans. Finding real photos taken by people who have been to the places we are going and have experienced the food, fun and scenery is a huge way to find out just what you are destined to find on your vacation. My family and I also look up routes while we’re on the road heading toward a new adventure.  We love to discover places to eat and play along the way!

When I take my family on vacation I find it hard to unplug from social media. Whether that’s taking photos and uploading them or searching for new places to visit in the area, social media is always at our fingertips. According to the 2018 Family Vacation Survey, roughly 16 percent of social media users admit they could never unplug from social media while on a family vacation.

Family Vacation Planning

Personally, I sometimes feel like I take way too many photos and feel a need to upload them right away (afterwards, checking for how many comments and likes are on my posts). This vacation, I should probably be spending time with my family and not as much time on my phone (guilty!).

Millennials feel the most impacted by social media distraction. In fact, 36 percent of millennials have seen social media ruin a family vacation and 22 percent say they could never unplug from social media while on vacation. In fact, 33 percent of millennials feel pressured to post photos on social media to show they’re having a good time, with 26 percent even confessing they grow concerned when their social media followers don’t like or comment on their family vacation posts. Fifty-three percent of millennials often wish they could just take a vacation away from all social media (and I personally feel like this too at times!).

Being a blogger means I travel quite a bit, whether it’s to a media event, restaurant opening or movie premiere, I’m constantly on social media.  Many of my friends who don’t understand the media and blogging say to me that they wish they could travel and relax so much, but the truth of the matter is that when I am on one of those trips, it’s not a vacation, it’s work.  I am constantly taking photos, sharing and uploading them to social media, just like when I’m on vacation, I look to other people on social media accounts to find out great places to eat and explore.

Social media is taking over the world at this point and I can personally only see it growing stronger with so many influential people out there and the number of people taking family vacations and fulfilling their bucket list items!

Planning your next vacation?

If you’re like the rest of us and want to plan your vacation using online resources, check out Alamo’s Scenic Route for a fun collection of travel stories, guides and advice! One of my favorite topics is “Beaches in Orlando”, we are planning a vacation there next year and one thing we haven’t really done when we’ve visited Orlando is go to the beach!

Learn more about the results of Alamo’s Family Vacation Survey here!

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