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It’s often difficult for families to break away from the cycle of living paycheck to paycheck. Between car payments, groceries, health insurance, and extracurricular activities, it can feel impossible to put away any extra money. If you’re interested in tightening up your finances, follow these tips to cut down on spending and start saving.

Shop Out of Season

Kids grow so quickly that a large chunk of your paycheck is likely to go to new clothes. Instead of going shopping whenever they need clothes for a new season, try to think ahead and shop when items are on sale. When it’s summertime, shop for fall or winter clothes, and vice versa. You might have to do a little guesswork to anticipate growth spurts, but even if you get an item that’s a little bit too big, your child will probably grow into it during the time between each season.

Get Rid of Cable and Landlines

If you find yourself relying less and less on a landline, there’s no need to keep paying for one. Landlines are not necessary for the average household, so if you usually just talk on your cell phone, cut the cord to save a few bucks. The same goes for cable—if you only turn on the TV a few times per week, it might be time to opt for a Hulu or Netflix subscription instead of paying the expensive monthly fee for cable.

Easy Ways for Families to Save Money

Find New Car Insurance

If you’re unhappy with the amount that you’re paying each month for auto insurance, shop around to find a better deal. There are often discounts available for families, and especially for families with teenage drivers. If you’re interested in finding new insurance, contact a Seattle insurance agent to learn more details.

Order Groceries Online

Taking kids to the grocery store can be challenging, and you often end up at the checkout line with a few extras that you weren’t planning on, like toys or treats from the snack aisle. To save time, money on gasoline, and prevent excess purchases, order groceries online while your kids are at school or asleep. This way, you can pick and choose exactly what you need without the temptation to go overboard. Online grocery shopping is a lifesaver for parents, especially if you usually grocery shop without your partner and your kids are difficult to keep track of.

Buy in Bulk

When you do have to make a trip to a grocery store, make it count. Joining a wholesale club like Costco or Sam’s is often worth it when you need to stock up on items like paper towels, toothpaste, and staples like rice and shredded cheese. Buying from a wholesaler is much cheaper than purchasing the same items in smaller quantities at a traditional grocery store. Plus, when you’re stocked up on the items that you need, you’ll be good to go for a longer period of time. Each trip to the grocery store that you’re able to skip, you’ll be able to put more money aside for savings or fun splurges like family vacations.

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