5 Essentials To Pack For A Summer Road Trip

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Every summer my family and I love to take road trips, but how do we stay healthy, entertained and sane on those long stretches with nothing to see and nothing to do?  Last year we went to Yellowstone and Boise which took us 18 hours in total to drive and the year before we spent 4 days driving to Florida, essentials to make a road trip successful are a must!

Bottled Water

My kids are constantly thirsty, so before we go on a road trip we usually go and pick up a couple of 24 packs of water or even 4 – 5 gallons to keep in the car.  We didn’t do that one year and it got expensive picking up gas station water at every stop, now we’re always prepared before we leave the house!  It’s also important to have water in the event your car breaks down or if you get lost or stranded somewhere, I call this an emergency essential too!


Kids love to eat every 5 minutes don’t they? It seems like mine are constantly snacking, I always stock up on some chips and cereal bars for them to eat on the go.  My 7 year old is always hungry, he will eat dinner, then want a snack a few minutes later, road trip snacks are a must!


We have a DVD player in our car and if you do too, make sure to stock up on some fun DVD’s to keep them entertained along those long stretches of road!  A tablet works great too for playing games and downloading movies, either way when my kids get bored, they have something to do along the road.

5 Essentials To Pack For A Summer Road Trip


I know most people have a GPS system in their car nowadays or if you’re like me, you use your phone GPS to find out where you are going, but whatever happened to using a regular map?  What if your phone cuts out or you lose signal on everything?  Maps have pretty much every twist, turn and route listed, we’re always prepared with an old fashioned road map just in case!


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